Friday, December 15, 2017

Freebie Fetish Friday - Putting the TG in TGIF!

Well, if it's Friday, then it must be time to bend our way into the weekend with Freebie Fetish Friday.

Every Friday I search through the weekend's free titles on Amazon, looking for those that might be of interest to readers, fans, and lovers of bending gender and sexuality. Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can still download the titles through one of Amazon's free reading applications, and covert it (if need be) with Calibre. I can tell you I do most of my reading on my tablet, using Kindle for PC, and it works beautifully.

Please do be sure to check the price before downloading anything, though, as most freebies are limited time offers, and some are specific to certain regions.



Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Perfect Fit by Shadoman (#sissy #comics #bdsm #femdom)

I have had several readers ask when they might see more comics, graphic novels, and illustrated stories featured on the site, so I hooked up with Amazing Transformation Comics to bring you some pre-holiday delights.

Shadoman graciously agreed to stop by this morning for an interview to get things started. Now, without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to one of his comics, The Perfect Fit.


Not to be intentionally corny, but Shadoman's work is The Perfect Fit for my own fantasies. This was a fantastic story that touched on so many fetishes, from bondage to bodysuits, chastity to collars, and sissies to sex-slaves. There is a great transformation element to it, and some really erotic (and visually detailed) hypnotic conditioning.

The story is told in a traditional comic book style, complete with narrative text blocks and dialogue bubbles. There are only a few multi-panel pages, but being used so sparingly makes them very effective, especially in demonstrating contrasts. While I found some of the backgrounds to be a little harsh, Nikki's home did have some lovely touches, especially in the sitting room and the lab.

Fortunately, we read this comics for the people, not the backgrounds, and they are exquisitely detailed, with a wonderful diversity of detail in clothing and shoes. Little touches, like seamed stockings and the color and texture of pantyhose looked so real, and (this really stood out for me) the hairstyles were fantastic.

As for the story, it has a suitably ominous start, as two transformed sissy slaves are sold into slavery, which sets our expectations for Chris. It is hard not to appreciate the fantasy of making love to a teacher your crushed on in high school, and the sex scenes are just lovely. The introduction of the bodysuit is very exciting, and the chastity cage helps remind us that this is more than just play - at least, for Nikki. Overall, Chris's transformation into Christine is very well done, with physical, mental, and emotional elements all embraced. It is a plausible fantasy, and that makes it very attractive indeed.

A visually different style from Experiments In Femininity, which I reviewed last week, but the story of The Perfect Fit is definitely part of the same genre, and sure to excite fans of domination and transformation.
Shadoman is a CG artist who enjoys telling stories through 3D comic art. Originally from the Mid-west, he now resides in Southern California. He is a Viet-Nam vet in his mid-60’s, married to a wonderful gal who is also his best friend and text editor. A film buff with an extensive library, it was his passion for film as a young teen that was his vehicle to escape and expand his own creative mind and become a storyteller.

Interview with Shadoman of Amazing Transformation Comics (#trans #comics #bdsm #femdom)

I have had several readers ask when they might see more comics, graphic novels, and illustrated stories featured on the site, so I hooked up with Amazing Transformation Comics to bring you some pre-holiday delights.

Last week we featured Wendy Thorne, one of the co-founders of the site, and today Shadoman has graciously agreed to stop by this morning for an interview to keep the fun going. I will be following up with a review of one of his comics, The Perfect Fit, this afternoon, so stick around!


♥ Thank you so much for taking the time to join us, Shadoman - we are so very delighted to have you! Can you give us a brief introduction?

Thank you for the invitation.

I’m originally from the Mid-west, but now reside in Southern California. I am a Viet-Nam vet and in my mid-60’s. I’m married to a wonderful gal who is also my best friend and my text editor. I’m a film buff with an extensive library. It’s my passion for film as a young teen that was my vehicle to escape and expand my own creative mind and become a storyteller.

♥ While self-publishing has almost become the standard for authors, comics almost demand a different platform. What was it that attracted you to Amazing Transformation Comics? 

If someone had told me three years ago that I would be creating fantasy Transgender adventures on a regular basis, I would have said, “Never going to happen”. However, I  created a few short stories with a femdom theme, trying to push the envelope and offer my readers something different, and a Fantasy BDSM Adventure called The Doublecross. About a guy running from the Mob who turns to his scientist sister for a makeover and boy did this guy get more than he bargained for.

Then 3 years ago I was approached by artist Wendy Thorne, about a Transgender Website that she and her partner Saline were going to open to a targeted TG audience. I needed to come up with some work for the grand opening. Grouping several short stories into two comics, grabbed Crossover, along with another TG story, and reworked a story I had never finished, and I had 5 titles ready for the opening. A month later I produced “Maid To Order.”

♥ Sound like a great way to start! Is there anywhere else that readers can find your work?

Yes, the greater bulk of my work is in the BDSM genre found at Renderotca.  I have close to 80 mild to hard bondage comics there.

♥ Your work regularly features themes of BDSM, chastity, and female domination, often with sissy characters. If it’s not too personal of a question, where does lifestyle experience end and vicarious fantasy begin within your own comics?

I have tried mild bondage with my partner, over time, we just grew out of it   My own bondage desires started at an early age.  I would say at or around age 13, I felt this rush whenever I watched movies with Damsels in Distress themes.  That’s when I began jotting down hand written stories on yellow legal pads. Then I would go to the local newsstands and see the Real Life Detective Magazines that always had some female tied to a chair or bed.  My Imagination went into overdrive.

As for the sissy/feminizations stories, I really had to do plenty of research on the web and see if I could kick out something that I would enjoy doing and could put my heart and soul into it. Trust me, if one is a good storyteller, they can put a spin on anything and I’m still at it, yet I still tend to lean towards my kinky BDSM side in regards to that genre is my true comfort zone to work within. 

♥ Interesting - feminization is usually the gateway to the other fetishes. On that note, is there a personal fetish or a fantasy that you have yet to explore in your work? Somewhere, maybe, you fear to go?

Well I can also say with all honesty I would never do a Male on Male story.  Yes sissies are really men, but once they are feminized, they lose that male identity and think of themselves as female.  I’m not against gay men art and know several artists who do great stuff, but it’s not for me. I also tried to avoid extreme bloody graphics. It’s just not my style unless a a story does call for it, and I keep it very brief.

♥ I appreciate the acknowledgement losing that male identity. How does your design process work? Do you start with a story, or is it images that drive your creative process?

For the most part there is a script, but said script will have many facets.

My last comic “Transformed Castaways” was designed so that I could use the characters and sets for two genres, one with a Transgender/Feminized Theme, and the other a BDSM themed story simply called “The Castaways”.

There are times when a thought pops in my head and my brain will just take over at the rendering board and before you know it I have a dozen rendered scenes and I look at the clock and its 2 AM.

♥ What are some of the weirdest or most wonderful reactions you’ve had from readers?

Weird Comments? Never.  Anyone who buys my work knows beforehand via a brief synopsis and the genre of the story, and many sample images   The comments I do get, are from readers who thought my “plot twisting” was simply “mind blowing” along with the usual. “loved the story.“

Some readers write me when I do a story with two different endings and said it was like reading two different comics, but only the last 15-20 pages were changed.  My most satisfying comment came from a guy who wanted to approach his lover with the idea of trying bondage as foreplay.  He purchased  First Time Tied #1 and he and his lover read it together. The following day, they went to the hardware store for some soft nylon rope, she picked the color and now they own all 4 stories of that series

♥ Is there a writer or an illustrator who inspires you, or someone you turn to when you want to escape into someone else's imagination?

My Muse was the late bondage artist Robert Bishop.  It was his passion for a bound figure that truly inspired me to try my hand at BDSM art.  Bishops latter works were done totally by airbrush and just blew me away. Some have mentioned to me they see a little bit of Bishop in my art.

As for Transgender/Feminized inspiration, I enjoy the work by Wendy Thorne, Dunusko Campos  and Christine’s art. Although I’m not big on Chris’ transformation beginning at such an early age.

♥ I love Bishop's work - very similar style to Bruce Baker. Finally, with 2017 coming to a close, what can we look forward to seeing from yourself in the new year?  

My next comic for ATC will be Clinical Trials, after that I want to conclude two running series based on the original Transformed Thief / Sweet Justice stories and the Evans Transformation / Terri’s Continued Education series.  However if an Idea does pop in my head, it’s hard to shake it off and those other series comics gets pushed back.

♥ Thanks for taking the time to join us, Shadoman. I am look forward to sharing my review of The Perfect Fit this afternoon.